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How It Works

Welcome to our Coffee Subscription! We offer you a delightful journey through the world of coffee, allowing you to tailor your experience to your taste preferences and needs.

Roast and Presentation

Step 1: Select your preferred roast level


For those who enjoy a brighter, more delicate flavor with pronounced acidity and floral notes.


A balanced choice, offering a blend of acidity and body, with hints of sweetness and complexity.


A bold and intense flavor profile with rich, smoky undertones, perfect for those who crave a strong cup.

Step 2: Choose your prefered presentation

Whole Bean

Ideal for coffee enthusiasts who want to grind their coffee fresh for every brew, preserving the aroma and flavor.


Convenient for those seeking a quick and easy brewing process without the need for a grinder.


Select the number of bags you’ll need to keep your coffee supply well-stocked and ensure you never run out of your favorite brew. You can choose the amount of bags based on your consumption preferences.


Step 1: Choose your delivery frequency



If you love your coffee fresh and can’t wait to explore new flavors every week.



A great choice for moderate coffee drinkers who want a steady supply of their favorite beans.



For those who prefer a slower pace and savor their coffee over time.

Worthy Bean Subscription:

With our Worthy Bean Subscription, you´ll never have to worry about running out of coffee again.

Immerse yourself in a world of exceptional roasts, handpicked and delivered right to your doorstep based on your unique preferences.

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